Tech Guide: Second-Hand Electronics Popularized By


Whether it’s purchasing or trading in used electronics, is spearheading a recycling movement. Buying refurbished and used technology is not only economical, people are choosing to buy second-hand as a means to amass an array of electronics. Choosing from a wide, diverse range of technology can be overwhelming on a budget, but Amazon makes purchasing pre-owned functional gadgets in good condition an uncomplicated experience. We bought a used GoPro Hero 4 and tested it. It passed our examination and produced clear, high definition video without any defects.

Amazon offers refurbished, pre-owned and open-box products on Amazon Renewed that have gone thorough rigorous inspection and a testing process to ensure the quality of the item. For those hesitant on buying used, fear not, as all products on Amazon Renewed are protected by Amazon’s Return Policy. If you decide not to toss that prehistoric device out into the garbage and want to help the environment, partake in Amazon’s Trade-In program. Trade in that oldie but goodie and receive an Gift Card. Get the deets at or ask Alexa.