ENTREPRENEUR SPOTLIGHT: Face Haus Founders Karey Burke And Jenn Worley Narrate Their Brand’s Origin Story At USC Opening


(Pictured above: Karey Burke and Jenn Worley)

Six years ago, Karey Burke was a single mother who made a drastic decision of selling her wedding ring and risking her savings to invest in an idea with her longtime friends Dawn Olmstead and Jenn Worley. Between the three of them, they have 14 children and attended the same schools. As busy mothers with careers (Kerry and Dawn are producers who run studios, and Jenn is a journalist and entrepreneur), they took a chance and pursued their idea, Face Haus, financing the huge project themselves. This idea would revolutionize the the spa industry because they offered facial services that would be affordable and accessible to everyone.

The idea started in 2012, when Dawn would take their teen daughters for facials. Their daughters’ skin would break out and ask for additional facial treatments. The mothers couldn’t afford the $150 for repeat visits, including ones for themselves. Knowing that facials are very expensive, it motivated them to do considerable research and they found out that the real cost into a facial – basically, there was no good reason for it to be so pricey. The three wanted to democratize facials, making it available and affordable for the people. They partnered with renowned dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer, who has worked on Oprah and Maria Shriver. Less than a year later in 2013 the first Face Haus was opened in Studio City.

“We set out dreaming of this business that would bring skincare that you could afford to do on a regular basis. It’s for everyone, men, women, adults, teens and kids.”, Karey proudly declares.

Face Haus opens its fourth location in USC village this week and will be expanding to New York City later this year.