Meet Liingo, The Affordable Eyewear Company


Liingo, the newest leader in the online eyewear space, is tapping the keg on a new collection. Liingo’s unisex collection Draft House, comprised of 7 frame styles named for iconic American hops such as Golding, Orion, and Citra. Available exclusively online, each style has a flavor of its own to complement the unique taste of an independent man or woman who prefers to veer from the mass-produced or mainstream.

Douglas Harris, CEO of Liingo Eyewear said, “We appreciate the novelty of a fruity aroma or a rare flavor note from a freshly poured pint. After plenty of research at local pubs and breweries around the country, we were inspired to create an eyewear collection to match our passion with the individuality of each brew. We studied the process of brewing a perfect batch, and poured our obsession into a line of eyewear celebrating the craft.”

Similarly to craft beer, the frames are made in small batches from high quality metals and handmade acetate. Pricing ranges from $79 to $129, making it accessible to own a pair for every type of hop. Liingo allows customers to try glasses at home with prescription lenses for free. This program eliminates the risk from the buying process and gives customers ample time to determine which styles work best for them.