INTERVIEW: Meet Nathalie Dubois, One Of The Pioneers That Made Gifting Suites A Global Phenomenon


Nathalie Dubois is an established name in Hollywood. The French event producer has welcomed A-List celebrities to her gifting suites honoring awards shows and film festivals such as the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Cannes Film Festival over countless years. Nathalie embarked on her entrepreneurial journey when she moved to the US from France to work as a correspondent for a French film magazine, Studio Magazine. Nathalie shares her story of how her goals materialized:

How did you come up with your gifting suite idea?

I was traveling in Tahiti, and met a jewelry company Frederic Missir, which proposed me to do its PR. after 6 months, we decided to put his jewelry on the red carpet. I rented a suite at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and we decided to do a gift bag to thank people for attending. Our first gift bag was 35,000 dollars. In fact, it was the items that stars picked that had this value. I had Eva Longoria and Nicolette Sheridan attending (this was the first year of Desperate Housewives,it was huge to have them). My friend David Carradine who was nominated for Kill Bill [also] attended, as well as Paula Abdul who was a hot judge on American Idol. It was a huge success, we were featured on Extra.

I took the concept right away to Cannes Film festival. Even if I did not invent the [gifting suite] concept, I am the responsible one for taking it overseas. We did partnership with Dubai Film festival, Venice Film Festival, Monte Carlo TV Festival, Hong Kong Film Festival…

What are your proudest accomplishments with DPA?

My proudest accomplishment is to still be on the top of my game 13 years after, to have become a global entity, to have helped a tremendous amount of small companies through my platform.

You have a pup that you dote on and has inspired some charity work at your suites. Can you tell us about him?

His name is Lucas. He is a three years old husky and my fourth husky. I rescued him when he was 10 months. My last two huskies are rescued, so I support a lot of animal associations, and dogs associations. Definitely inspired by my dogs. But also other ones which touch my heart, and I expose in my suite such as Lupus LA, Feed The Children, Love Light Compassion and The Sierra Club.

What’s next for DPA?

We opened an office in Tokyo last January with our Japanese partner David Matsumoto. So [we’re] trying to develop some great connections there and working some events in Asia.