Entrepreneur Interview: Isabel Madison Of Nude Envie Explains How Her Cosmetic Enterprise Is Hereditary


Entrepreneur Isabel Madison debuted her new cosmetics line, Nude Envie, with colours exclusively in nude tones. Coming from a family of cosmetics experts was beneficial to her development of premium makeup with meticulously curated shades. In her own words, Isabel explains how her experience and drive helped shape her collection:

“I was born in San Francisco, I have 3 kids. My favorite hobby happens to be Yoga and of course eating and cooking healthy foods, because I truly believe in beauty from the inside out, and that if you feel good about yourself you will naturally have a beautiful unexplainable glow. I studied business and finance, but grew up in a family where my dad is a Biochemist and made all the formulas for a lot of the companies in the 80’s. After a while he decided to start his own make up line called Visage de Beaute. After a few years they sold it to Revlon. During the time when he was in charge of his company, I got to be super involved. I would help with shades and help with the new season and coming up with what should be next.

Entrepreneurship was always in my blood. My family taught me well. And in the quest to find the perfect “Nude” lipsticks, I finally decided to do it myself. As they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. I was always being asked about the lipstick I was wearing, and of course it was always a mixture of different shades.

Taking an idea from concept to a tangible product is definitely not easy! I had to pour my heart and soul into it, every minute of the day for about 3 years before I launched. I had a tremendous amount of focus and had to give up a lot of leisure activities, which I did with pleasure. I love this industry and love helping women feel and look beautiful.

As far as [dealing with] obstacles, yes of course! Lots of people advising me to not do this, as there is too much competition. I had to learn many, many things as far as paperwork and contracts and government papers as well as international laws. But, I truly believe that if you are passionate and believe in your product, obstacles are meant to be jumped over and overcome, and you will always find a way!

My advice to an amateur entrepreneur would be, to get really passionate about what you are doing and do not give up. Always ask smarter peoples advice, but take everything with a grain of salt, and use your own Intuition. I think we have to be brave enough to trust our Intuition and not ignore it.

Nude Envie will growing the line into a go to line for the woman who wants elegance and simplicity all at the same time. Lip glosses are on the horizon for Spring 2018 and then blushes and eyeliners for Fall 2018. Everything a woman will need for a sophisticated complete look that will empower her, yet not overwhelm her with unnecessary choices. A carefully curated line of Natural and Elegance all in one!”