Bronzed Aussie Brings Essential Australian Cuisine To Los Angeles


Ever wondered what Australians typically eat? Pies. Yes, pies. Pies to Australians are what hamburgers and hot dogs are to Americans. Australian pies tend to be on the savory side. Visit any pie shop and expect dozens of flavors to choose from. The most popular is ground beef seasoned with tomato sauce. Every sporting arena in Australia carries pies, you can even locate a pie shop conveniently open at 3 am for those late night cravings. Lamingtons are also a staple from Down Under. This sweet sponge cake is covered in chocolate and coconut.

Bronzed Aussie is one of the few establishments that offer authentic Australian food in Los Angeles. Samantha Bryan, owner of Bronzed Aussie, hails from Australia and explained that the moniker comes from the colloquial of a tanned Aussie. The former shoe designer sold her footwear company to Crocs and decided to open shop in the fashion district. Bronzed Aussie serves up delicious choices consisting of custard tarts, sausage rolls, coffee, salads, Lamingtons and classic pies.

Visit Bronzed Aussie at:

714 S. Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014