Best Bites: The Springs Is The Arts District’s Vegetarian Gastronomy And Wellness Lifestyle Oasis 


Situated in the quickly sprouting arts district, this gem possesses some extraordinary features – it is a plant based eatery, juice bar, yoga studio and event space with a novelty gift shop. Impressive. We experienced the Golden Hour tasting at The Springs which takes place from 4pm-8pm Monday through Friday where people can unwind from work and enjoy the fading glow of the sunlight (widely known to photographers as golden hour). The results of the tasting were astonishing. Their alternative “meat” visually resembled and tasted like actual meat.

A freshly made Black Magic charcoal juice with granny Smith apple, lemon, ginger and thyme was a great primer to the meal. For starters we had rich green Castelvetrano olives with buttery toasted focaccia flat bread. Then the tostada came. The revolutionary plate was made with vegetarian walnut chili, the texture and taste was indiscernible from meat. Next we had an American classic, Mac + Cheese. This dish is made with cashew-butternut cheese, pickled jalapeño and garlic bread crumbs. Afterward we devoured the Kelp Carbonara. The creamy kelp noodles are drenched in black pepper cream with shiitake, zucchini, basil, coconut bacon and polished with carrot-coconut yolk. The meal was finished with a gingerbread ice cream sandwich.

The Springs was founded in 2014, having health and wellness as the objective of the establishment. Executive chef Jasmine Shimoda has worked with notable chefs in New York City and has gained several accolades for her culinary masterpieces. The Springs is located at 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021. Learn more about The Springs at: