Tequila Cazadores x Mister Cartoon Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos At Millwick


On November 1, 2016, Tequila Cazadores and the illustrious tattoo artist Mister Cartoon held an exclusive CAZADORES x CARTOON event which celebrated Dia de Los Muertos at Millwick. Guests were entertained with an open bar, food tastings from Gloria’s, custom airbrush t-shirt art, a Dia de los Muertos skull makeup bar and a photo booth. Notable attendees of the event were Rich Hilfiger (legendary tattoo artist), Jack Rudy (film director), Ricardo de Montreuil and graffiti artist OG Slick. Mister Cartoon had his unique masterpieces curated for the event, such as a personalized traditional paleta cart and custom-designed low-riders from Cartoon’s collection. As an homage his beginnings in the art world, Mister Cartoon concluded the evening by taking over the customized airbrush t-shirt station to airbrush a personalized design per guest.

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