Entrepreneur Spotlight: Maile Pacheco Founder Of beGlammed


October 2, 2016, a motivational GirlTalkLA panel of women entrepreneurs spoke at Tiato Santa Monica imparting stories and guidance on how to prosper. We are featuring beGlammed founder, Maile Pacheco, who discussed her journey on becoming a businesswoman. Maile revealed that she suffers from Chron’s Disease, an intestinal chronic inflammatory disease, which debilitated her for many years. She explained how she first got her start in the beauty industry when she acquired a job at MAC Cosmetics as a stock person. Her many years of hard work, determination and humility at MAC Cosmetics helped advance her career at the company. She propelled herself into a pr position fostering relationships with celebrities. Then a devastating health issue occured due to Chron’s. 

Maile was bedridden and unable to work due to her illness and drastic weight loss. Refusing to be a victim, this pivotal moment motivated her to develop beGlammed while being critically ill for 3 months. Within those 3 months she learned how to start a business, develop business plans and make presentations to investors. This is how beGlammed was born a few years ago. BeGlammed is an on-demand beauty service app with hair and makeup services delivered to your home or nearly anywhere else. To learn more go to http://www.beglammed.com.