Kubo and The Two Strings Film Premiere


We joined the cast and crew of Kubo And The Two Strings on the green carpet at University Studios for the August 14th film premiere. This 3D stop-motion animation adventure film is voiced by numerous stars featuring Charlize Theron as Monkey, Art Parkinson as Kubo and Matthew McConaughey as Beetle.

Matthew McConaughey, Art Parkinson, Lou Diamond Phillips, director Travis Knight, producer Adrianne Sutter, costume designer Thalia Lane and writer Marc Haimes were among those who attended the premiere. 

The film was produced by Laika, the same animation studio that created Coraline, ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls. The Kubo And The Two Strings story focuses on a young boy in ancient Japan who tends to his sick mother. An evil spirit from the past causes mayhem and Kubo goes on a quest to find a magical armor once worn by his father to defeat it. 

Kubo And The Two Strings will be out in theaters on August 19th. 

To watch a video of Matthew McConaughey talking about the movie and the Olympics, click here:


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